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About TriYoga Classes

TriYoga Flows (Prasara), a complete hatha yoga method, is the union of posture, breath and focus – or āsana, pranayama and mudra.

TriYoga fundamentals include relaxation-in-action, wave-like spinal movements and economy of motion. With the systematic approach, students can remain with Basics or progress to subsequent levels. Within each level, students increase their knowledge of posture and flow, as well as strength, flexibility, endurance and breath control. Through sustained awareness on all aspects of the practice, the movement of body, breath and mudra harmonize and the inner flow naturally emerges.

Origin of the TriYoga Flows

In the tradition of ancient yoga, the origin and continuing development of TriYoga is guided by kriyavati siddhi as expressed through Kaliji. With this inspiration, she has fully systematized hatha yoga asana, pranayama, and dharana, from Basics to Level 7, establishing the comprehensive TriYoga method.

Tara teaches according to the current knowledge of the students in a given class. Also, there are always options to modify a pose or flow to make it accessible to students when needed. We use props such as blocks and straps to support and maintain a relaxed body.

Components of a TriYoga Class

TriYoga Prasara

This is the TriYoga āsana practice. We begin in stillness––bringing attention to our breath harmonized with a relaxed body and focused mind. Instructions for yogaflow are generally called out in the structure: breath (inhale or exhale), āsana (the posture we are flowing to), and then alignment cues on where we are going and how to get there.

Yoga Nidra

We release the physical body into deep relaxation. The body is allowed time to integrate the āsana practice while we draw our attention deep inside.

Prana Vidya

We increase our energy through the control of our breath, balance the pairs of opposites within ourselves (Sun-Moon breath), focus and calm the mind (Sound-Light concentration), and surrender to bliss in meditation (dhyāna).

TriYoga Basics

For those new to TriYoga and for those who want to strengthen their core alignments, Basics is the necessary foundation for all classes. It is also a complete practice in itself. Bolsters, pillows and other props can be used in all levels to ensure comfort and alignment.

Each level in TriYoga has 5 series. They are named after the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. The Earth series of Basics is practiced entirely on the back. If you are new to TriYoga or even yoga in general, this is where we begin. TriYoga is a systematized practice. Each series and each level builds upon the previous one. There is no going beyond an edge. Throughout the practice, we maintiain the trinity of relaxed body, long full rhythmical breath, and focused mind. We work with where our body's current capabailities––paying attention to our limits, sustaining relaxation in action, and moving towards maximum stretch without strain.

Level 1 Yogaflow

For those familiar with TriYoga Basics or have other previous yoga experience, Level 1 provides a stronger practice. We flow from one āsana to the next with economy of movement and precision. After a few cycles or kriyas, we sustain various postures and flow onward.

Each Yogaflow is divided into four parts or seasons. We begin in spring––warming up the whole body. Then we strengthen and expand in summer. We deepen further in Autumn––using our strength to find even greater flexibility and opening. Winter prepares the body for deep relaxation––encouraging our energy to flow upward to our higher energy centers. 

Prana Vidya

The knowledge of life-energy, TriYoga Prana Vidya includes the trinity of breathing sequences, concentration techniques and meditation. Presented systematically, these practices develop better health, mental clarity and inner peace.

Students can sit on the floor or in a chair. Guidance is given on how to properly sit to maintain a relaxed body.