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Level 1 Yogaflow

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About Level 1 Yogaflow

Monday, Wednesday
8:30 AM –– 10:00 AM

We practice each of the five series of level 1 for each moon cycle–advancing to the next series on new moon. Variations of the series will be introduced and built upon over the cycle. After completing all five series, we start over.

Each series contains many more parts than can be practiced in one class. Instead, subsets of each series and season are presented and refined over several consecutive classes–giving students the opportunity to take time to learn and then deepen into the flows without needing to watch the demonstrations.

About Level 1 Yogaflow

Student Obligations

Rules and guidelines for attending class whether remotely or in person.

About TriYoga Classes

Relaxation in Action.
Economy of Movement.
Systematized Practice.

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