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Preparing for Class

Self Care

  1. Set aside plenty of time to set up for class. Including time to take care of yourself and set up your space (mat, props, etc.) so that you are ready to flow when class begins.
  2. Try to not eat two hours before class or if you have to eat, make it something very light.
  3. Where clothes that are not binding and that you can move easily in. Be clean and brush your teeth.
  4. Ensure that your space will be free of interruptions from people, phones, or other possible noises.


  1. Make sure you have Zoom installed and configured for your computer or other device. I believe Zoom provides a way to test your setup.
  2. Set up your camera so that I can see your entire mat including your whole body allowing me to give you alignment advice.
  3. Alternatively, you can place your device close to you so that you can see asana and yogaflow demonstrations.