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Stepping Towards Peace

by | Jun 5, 2020

I know this is a practice of peace. The practice of yoga. I practice to have stability in my body both on the outside and systemically.

But agitation abounds even in me. And I am speaking of the mind. I have thoughts to work on this website or promotion. Thoughts that a room needs cleaning. Or that I need a bath. Or that I need a break which is code for I need to escape from something else in my life and my mind is trapped in a cycle of thinking about it. All of these are just reflections of needing peace.

The final step of the royal path is Sāmadhi––the individual self merging into the cosmic energy of sat cit ānanda.

Existance – Knowledge – Bliss

Peace is a great need. It is a reflection of the need to merge with the divine.

There are so many times in the day when I thirst for that deep peace. It happens when I'm busy with something. Or when I read something disturbing. Or even just simply waking up. I may want peace but my mind is pulled into so many directions. So many different desires. And I forget that what I want is peace.

The breath is the path and the gateway to peace. The breath is prāṇa. It is a reflection of divine peace. I can have the most amazing worldly desire fulfilled. But if I'm not breathing, then my consciousness is elsewhere and can't experience the karmic fruit.

I am reminded today the importance of practicing Prāṇa Vidyā. My desire for peace can only be quenched through the breath. And just like a well balanced diet feeds the body gently and completely without placing stress on it, people, animals, or the environment, practicing proper breathing is the way to tip the nectar filled bowl of peace to my mouth.

Jaya Guru Devi