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How to Attend Class Online

Access to online classes is through Zoom meeting. You can use your computer, smartphone or tablet, or even call in by phone to attend. These classes are not webinars or pre-recorded yogaflows. I give the same interactive instruction as if we were all together practicing in the same room. If you are uncomfortable with turning your camera on, you may leave your camera off. A camera is not required to follow the class guidance and you can still ask questions.

Use the guide below to learn how to set up Zoom meeting, how to orient your device to participate effectively, and how to get help if you get stuck.

Become familiar with your technology. The Zoom app provides controls and display for your camera and screen just like a steering wheel and dashboard are your controls and display for driving a car.

The camera and screen are extensions of our eyes. They extend our awareness. Like yoga, with practice, they can become a natural extension your flow.

Using Zoom

Step-by-step instructions to create your Zoom account, install and learn the Zoom app, and join classes online.

Camera & Screen Setup

Create an optimal setup for either observing the yogaflow demonstrations, being seen for personal feedback, or both.

Get Help from Tara

Reach out to Tara for technical assistance including right before class begins. We can figure this out together.


Using Zoom

Zoom Help Center

Zoom provides great documentation on getting started with using Zoom meeting. I've distilled some basics steps to help you get connected here. Please read Zoom's documentation for more detailed instructions.

Sign-up for Zoom

For privacy and security, you must have a zoom account to join a class. The account is free. You can use your email address or sign-up with your Google or Facebook account. If you use an email address, remember to write down your password. Zoom can also email you a link if you ever forget your password. I recommend using a password manager like Bitwarden to generate and remember all your passwords.

Install the Zoom App

The Zoom app is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Click the button below to download the Zoom software for your operating system.

to Zoom

Once you've installed the app, launch Zoom and sign-in. You are now ready to join a class.

Learn the Zoom Controls

Before you join your first class, or if you are unfamiliar with how to operate zoom, you can practice in advance by joining a test meeting.

Join a Class

Links that open directly into Zoom are available on each individual class page such as Gentle Basics. The meeting code and password are also listed there if you want to type them in to the app. If joining by phone, dial-in numbers can also be found on the same page. Access links, codes, and dial-in numbers will only display for students who have registered for an account on this website and are logged in.

Once you've joined the Zoom meeting, pin my video to enlarge me to the full size of your screen.

Be ready to practice before you turn on your camera and microphone. Read the Student Obligations to learn how to prepare for practice.

Camera & Screen Setup

Check your Video before you go Live

When you first join the Zoom meeting, your video will be turned off. You can see a preview of your camera video in the settings panel. There are also video enhancement settings. The most useful one is the ability to increase the brightness level. This can help me see you if you are in a dark room. Follow the guides below to learn how to view and adjust your video settings.

Setting Up the Camera & Screen

There are two ways to set up your camera. You can either orient the camera allowing me a complete view of your movement from ground up. Or, you can orient your screen to allow you to observe me easily. If you have a camera separate from your screen, you may be able to do both.

Screen setup for viewing Demonstrations

When first learning a new flow, or if you want to observe my demonstrations more closely to pick up refinements, it can be more advantageous to position the screen where you can easily turn your head to view me. In this case, don't worry as much about the position of the camera. But, since the camera is turned on, try to position your camera so that I can see you from your feet up including the width of your mat.

( Images examples of device placement coming soon )

Camera setup for Receiving Personal Feedback

If you feel more confident with your yogaflow and don't need to watch the demonstrations, set up your camera so that I can see your whole mat from the side with the mat at the bottom of the screen. Make sure the camera is far enough away from the mat so that I'll be able to see you completely when you are sitting or standing. A lower camera view is fine for classes where we stay lower to the ground.

( Image example of mat sideview coming soon )

Use a Separate Screen

If your computer has an external webcam, you can position it independently of the computer screen allowing for optimal viewing for both of us.

Many computers, tablets, and smart phones these days are able to be hooked up to an external monitor or TV via an HDMI or mini-HDMI cable. If your device is capable and you practice in the same room as your large screen, this can be a wonderful way to easily view my flow while you participate.

Get Help from Tara

Trouble Joining the Class

I try to make myself available 15 to 20 minutes before class beings. If you need help connecting, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. You can call or text me at 541-366-8263.

Computer Tutoring

Does technology confound you? I'm happy to arrange a private tutoring session to help you learn how to use your device, navigate my website, and join classes. Let's work together to remove the tension and frustration of living in the digital age.

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