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TriYoga with Tara Devi


TriYoga with Tara Devi offers knowledge, resources, and classes to inspire learning and personal growth, experience personal freedom and empowerment, and live a happy and embodied life through yoga.

Yoga means union. It means to yoke, to draw in. TriYoga begins creating this union through sustaining the base trinity of relaxed body, rhythmical breath, and focused mind.

Āsana, Prāṇāyāma, Mudrā

Yoga exists in the present moment.
Now is the time to practice yoga.


All classes are on hold. I am available for private instruction.

Private Instruction

I'm available for private and semi-private sessions via Zoom meeting and in-person. Contact me to schedule time. We will work together to address your specific needs and bring awareness to all aspects of yoga including balanced livelihood, healthy nourishment, physical wellbeing, and mental clarity.

Register to Access Yoga

Register to gain access to yoga classes and other resources.

Registration is free.

About Tara Devi

I am first a student of TriYoga. I maintain a daily practice to sustain and improve the strength and condition of my body, breath and mind. I have been practicing TriYoga since mid-2011. My first experience of TriYoga felt like remembering something I knew intrinsically. Since my first yoga class in 1993, I had finally found my yoga practice. Practice in class led to practice at home, which led to training and teaching in 2012.

Like movement following breath, over many years, I learned that life follows practice.

TriYoga is the practice, the path, and the goal. ~ Yogini Kaliji

About TriYoga

I receive tremendous joy through guiding people into their bodies. I teach TriYoga slowly, methodically, with clarity, and at a level accessible to all participating students. I am dedicated to helping every student find their gateway to their body, their mind, and to the divine.

Jaya Guru Devī

About the Website

I have built this website myself with the intention to provide a portal to help my students and myself sustain and progress on the path of TriYoga. The features and content are lovingly created and published to facilitate clear, relaxed, and easy access––having the website embody principles of TriYoga. It is a work of joy!

Nothing on this website should be construed as medical advice.

I will continue to evolve the website into the best digital reflection for TriYoga that I can.

Jaya Guru Devī

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